Whose Pain is Worse – Using Empathy to Heal

Refrain from comparing grief stories – it doesn’t really matter Comparing is a sure fire way to destroy relationships and increase unecessary anxiety, guilt, and anger.  You are unique and so is your journey.  No two people feel and process hurt, pain and the multitude of emotions from grief the same way.  Why compare? Using … Read more

Grief Has No Gender

Men and women grieve differently, not because of gender, but because of the masculine/feminine parts of the brain and societal conditioning/stigmas. In all actuality, EVERYONE grieves differently. One’s grief is as unique as the relationship with the loved one. The masculine part of the brain tends to process grief with action, doing, fixing, like going … Read more

Amygdala Hijack vs. Grief Burst

CGCC Emotional Wellness and Balance Center You and I have five realms of health: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Social.  When your emotional realm is hijacked the other four realms are affected, compromised, and even shut down depending on our existing supply of coping skills, belief systems and how we were taught to react. So … Read more

How to Deal With Changing Seasons and Seasons of Change

Happy March! I remember when I was a little girl living in New England and while learning about the seasons (we had four separate unique seasons at that time) being taught that March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” because the weather in the beginning of March could be very … Read more

h2Ohhhhhhh 5 Ways to De-Stress

H2Ohhhhhhhhh by Abigail Cuffey and Judy Kirkwood, reprinted from LHJ, August 2008 Drink it, soak in it, listen to its music… water can soothe in all its forms.  Ah, water … sometimes just the thought f it can sweep us along in a current of happy memories, leaving stress on a distant shore.  But that … Read more

Goal Setting Vision Board Workshop a Success!

What a spectacular vision board workshop yesterday at Simply Fresh Cafe and Market (thank you Linda Wilson for your impeccable hospitality). We had 11 people who shared their dreams, visions, aspirations, fears, inspiration and camaraderie. Thank you to all who came out on a cold, wet day. Thank you to Nelson Cage for being our … Read more

New Business and Growth in Hampton Roads

This Mix ‘n’ Mingle was spectacular.  Business development is stronger than ever in Hampton Roads.  In addition to my growth in business with adding Emotion Strategies training for professionals and corporate, I have joined forces with Maggie Lowery, co-creator of C & M Workshops and Retreats offering abundance and JOY to women.  We had a … Read more

$75 Billion Lost in US Due to Grief

The Wall Street Journal reported that the US lost $75 billion due to grief in the workplace as a result of accidents, loss of productivity, and absenteeism.  There are over 50 million people grieving at any given time. “The cost of suffering from grief is staggering: Joy, health, vitality, relationships, creativity, productivity, clarity and prosperity … Read more