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Discover ways to manage your emotions, performance, and success for all of your personal and professional needs and goals. Personal Strategy Sessions available.


 Emotional Intelligence

Don't Get UNGLUED, Increase Your EQ! Greater self-awareness lead to better self-management.  Learn more about the building blocks to emotional intelligence.


Motivational Speaking

Includes various topics that aid in personal development, leadership, corporate culture and spiritual transformational transcendence.

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Use Emotional Intelligence to Cope in Difficult Times

Downsizing can be difficult – Are your managers prepared with effective coping skills? Has your company or a company you work for experienced downsizing? Possibly the contract or grant wasn’t renewed and that led to budget and program cuts. The uncertainty can present anxiety and create a strained culture of the organization. The ways that … Read moreUse Emotional Intelligence to Cope in Difficult Times

Daily Rituals build the Emotionally Resilient, Mentally Strong and Spiritually Sound

We are creatures of habit and if we are not in a state of awareness and consciously choose our habits on purpose other habits, possibly bad habits, will settle in and take root. Take our frenemy STRESS – stress is great at inviting unhealthy habits into our lives, especially when we aren’t looking! Then, it … Read moreDaily Rituals build the Emotionally Resilient, Mentally Strong and Spiritually Sound

Vulnerability – Living Brave

Brené Brown May 4 at 11:03am · “I’ve realized that one of the most unkind things I can do to somebody is to put them on a pedestal because very soon, inevitably, they’re going to do something that’s going to knock them off it, and then I’m going to have a lot of trouble with … Read moreVulnerability – Living Brave

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