Life sure can knock you down, spin you around and then spit you out!

Cynthia uses her own personal experiences of coping with loved ones living with mental illness, parenting children with special needs, and becoming widowed as a young mother to offer encouragement, resilience skills and a unique perspective on how to handle LIFE.

There are 3 fundamentals for her coaching and training foundation: positive pschology, emotional intelligence and PAP (patience, acceptance, perspective), a model which she created to cope positively in becoming emotionally resilient, mentally strong and spiritually sound. 

She uses her voice to advocate and educate cultures and communities through public speaking.  Contact Cynthia today if you are interested in having her speak to your group.

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Where's Cynthia?


March 26 - 28, 2020 - She Steps Forward Conference, Transforming Love Ministries
"Rising Above the Storm: 7 Steps to Reclaiming Happiness and Restoring Joy"
Our brains are hardwired to be negative. We are creatures of habit. When stress rises the human brain switches to autopilot. Learn critical life skills to reduce stress and rewire your brain for positivity, happiness, and joy.
Open to the public -


10/24 - "My 'WHY' & Parenting: There's a Fine Line Between Encouraging and Enabling." SYNAPSE Hubba/Hubba - Hubs 206 Aid Another &  211 The Hitching Post. 

10/19 - "In the Face of Adversity Your Truth is Unveiled - Becoming Full Circle." Southside Women's Network EXPO. 

08/07 - "Grieving Healthy: How the competencies of emotional intelligence help". Heartland Hospice. 

03/26 - "Critical Life Skills of Emotional Intelligence". ChangeMakers Program for PIN Ministries. Private.

03/14 - On the Panel: The Power of The Woman Conference hosted by Freedom For The Forgotten. Chesapeake Conference Center. $$ Open to the Public. Visit Facebook or Eventbrite for details and tickets.

02/19 - The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence and How EQ differs from IQ.  EO Spousal Forum - Entrepreneur's Organization. Private.

02/15 - "What's Love Got To Do With It?". Food For Thought/Bryant & Stratton College Networking Luncheon, Bryant & Stratton College, Virginia Beach Campus. FREE and Open to the Public. Visit Facebook for details and RSVP.


11/09 - On the Panel Sharing, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Landstown High School.

08/09 - "EQ Atmosphere - Leading with Emotional Intelligence" - Senior Management Team Training, WHRO Public Media, Private.

07/31 - "Building Adaptability and Strengthening Employee Engagement" - Management Team Retreat, WHRO Public Media, Private.


11/04 - 2017 Blackboard 2 Boardroom: The Power of You",  TCC Women's Center, Virginia Beach Campus - Virginia Beach, VA 

5/19-20 - "The Value of You" @ Love Yourself Women's Conference, ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, Inc. - Atlanta, GA  

12/1 - Sustaining Employee Engagement During Stressful Times - Bryant & Stratton Breakfast Seminar for HR Directors

10/20 - 5 Ways to Boost Emotional Intelligence - Chesapeake Lions Club

10/6 - Don't Get UNGLUED, Increase Your EQ - Solopreneur Success Circle

10/19 - Reducing Stress in the Workplace with EQ - Norfolk Public Library Staff Wellness Day

08/02 - IQ vs EQ Careers, Workplace & Transition - Saint Leo University

05/16 - 4 His Glory - Grief and Loss: Awaken Love Workshop

05/16 - Women's Wellness Retreat - The Pursuit of Happiness

04/25 -The Elite Class of Empowered Women - Finding JOY in the JOurneY

04/22 - Inspired Women of Coastal Virginia

03/31 - Rudy and Kelly Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School

02/14 - The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Southern Virginia - Time For Reflection Women's Conference

01/01 - Church & Business Community Networking Event


12/10 - Chesapeake Rotary Club

11/12 - WWW, Wine, Women, & Wealth

11/1 - "ME First" - Still Hope Foundation

10/30 - Women In Defense, Greater Hampton Roads Chapter, 2014 WIDGHR Professional Development Day - "Female Empowerment - Laugh, Heal and Thrive"

Keynote Topics include and are not limited to:

Better Self Awareness Leads to Better Self Management - Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and the EQ-i assessment tool.

What is Grief? How Can I Help My Friend Who Is Grieving

A Happy YOU is A Happy Life - PAP

The Chronicles of a Widowed Mom, GONE MAD!

Audiences that benefit from Cynthia's Motivational Speaking:

·         Non-Profit Organizations

·         Corporations

·         Entrepreneurs

·         Associations

·         Clergy/Pastoral

·         Women’s Conferences

·         Parenting Resource Groups

·         Schools/Teachers & Students

·         Civic Groups

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