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Are you intelligent?.... EMOTIONALLY

You've heard of IQ. Have you heard of EQ and how emotional intelligence (your emotional quotient - EQ) can help you achieve top level success.

EQ skills matter. Research shows thousands of executives with higher emotional intelligence are more successful.

Are you consistently in the TOP 10% of your Performance?

  • Do you stay cool under pressure?
  • Do you read others well?
  • Do you get along and work well with teams?
  • Do you lead, inspire, influence others?
  • Do you meet your deadlines?
  • Do you set intentions, goals, ambitions?
  • How do you stay motivated, optimistic, resilient?


  • Strengthen verbal communication skills
  • Identify non-verbal communication and body language
  • Read yourself and others more accurately
  • Strengthen impulse control
  • Strengthen assertiveness
  • increase awareness and mindfulness
  • Retrain the brain; undo knee-jerk reactions and strengthen purposeful responses
  • Set healthy boundaries


  • Qualify prospects more effectively
  • Build sphere of influence, get more referrals
  • Deal with difficult people with strategic finesse
  • Close more deals - BAM!
  • Increase your bottom line

Overview of the Course

  1. MODULE ONE - Greater Self Awareness  - Better Self Managment – Get in the driver’s seat!
  2. MODULE TWO - The Art of Empathy – Active Listening
  3. MODULE THREE - The Art of Communication - Confrontation/Crucial Conversations
  4. MODULE FOUR  - Take Action – Goals/Action Plan

Value over $600, ONLY $450

  • Online EQi-2.0 self-assessment, value $150 - included
    (click here for more information about the EQi-2.0 self-assessment)
  • Pre/Post Coaching sessions, value $300 - included
  • Study Guide, value $175 - included

March 7 - 28, Thursdays | 10:30a - 12:30p | assessment, pre/post coaching sessions included

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