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The Happiness Movement

BE the change you want to see

How does one sustain happiness in a world full of hate and negativity?

On a daily basis hatred, meanness, resentment, bitterness, disappointment, jealousy, and so on thrust into our minds, bodies and souls eating away our JOY, kindness, love, and peace. It's time for a movement..... The Happiness Movement.

Our communities, our world, needs YOU, needs ME, needs US to come together and combat the hatred and daily negative BS inflicted upon us and BE the MOVEMENT.... THE HAPPINESS MOVEMENT to protect our own JOY and pay it forward to others.

This 10 month Happiness Program is designed to provide critical life skills in training yourself for happiness and to combat the daily negative input life can inflict upon us. You can attend a movement monthly OR Become a HAPPINESS AMBASSADOR (get all 10 movement luncheons for the price of five!)

Join the movement... the Happiness Movement with THE Cynthia Gossman.

Who? Group of people (just like you) who want more happiness and JOY in life. Open to all.
What? Lunch & learn - learn proven techniques and skills to cultivate and sustain happiness and joyful living, regardless of the negative BS that bombards you daily.
Why? To strengthen coping mechanisms and FEEL better in life.
When?  3rd Monday, monthly, 11:30a - 1p
Where? Olive Garden, 5920 E. Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23502
How Much? $40/month or Become a HAPPINESS AMBASSADOR for only $199. Includes lunch.


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