A personal transformation that creates inner peace and balance, even in the midst of drama, chaos, and toxicity.

Cynthia CAN HELP YOU ~ 

• Eliminate toxic thoughts
• Reduce stress
• Implement forgiveness and refresh your outlook
• Learn exercises that can quickly help you feel better
• Restore a healthy lifestyle
• Expand comfort zones
• Find and fulfill your purpose
• Gain your life back, while not giving up precious memories


7-Step Happiness By Choice

  1. Decide You Have the Willingness to Learn, the Desire to BE Happy.
  2. Integrate forgiveness and reconciliation of grief and anger and expression of feelings
  3. Move focus from problem to solution. (We will always move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts.)
  4. Learn “Brain Sweep”, this explains how our brains work, toxic thoughts and how to control them.
  5. Learn about your comfort zones and what you can do to expand them.
  6. Establish a Healthy Lifestyle (GREN - Grooming, Rest, Exercise, Nutrition)
  7. Implement a New Lifestyle using VOG (Values - Objectives - Goals)

What a past student testifies about the program:

“This program has given me a new outlook on my emotional health.  I’ve learned new techniques and information that I have not heard before.  Being able to be myself with Cynthia was very important.  She is not only a great listener but she is knowledgeable to bring in not only training from other people but pull her responses from her own personal experiences.

This course was very fulfilling emotionally and spiritually. Cynthia allowed me to share and express myself.  I was able to take a journey inside during the course of the class. I was able to explore my emotions of past events or present and explore how I can be in control of my emotions in the future.

Thank you Cynthia for your smiles, hugs, teaching and genuine compassion.” – MP

6-month program to a Happier, Healthier YOU 

Personal, Individual, Successful!

Are you ready to take the first step to YOUR Happiness?

Ask yourself . . .

  •  Am I willing to unlearn old habits?
  •  Am I willing to learn new things?
  •  Am I willing to let go?
  •  Am I willing to forgive?
  •  Am I willing to reflect and love myself?

If you answered YES to these questions, you are clearly ready!

Program Outline 7-Step Happiness by Choice©                                                         

  • First 3 months - In Depth 12-Week Personal Coaching Program - Meet weekly for 90 minutes for 12 sessions
  • 4th month - meet twice - 90 minute session
  • 5th month - meet once - 90 minute session
  • 6th month - meet once - 90 minute session

Textbook, workbook, and handouts provided.  Pre-requisite:  Willing to be a good student.

Success is NOT the precursor to Happiness...
Happiness is the precursor to Success. 
Take time to Make time for YOUR Happiness!

Take the first STEP to your HAPPINESS TODAY!

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“This experience has been beyond beneficial. Cynthia has made a huge impact on my life. She’s given me proven techniques and practical skills to use in difficult situations that are very emotional and not so easy to grasp.”

“Through this process, she has taught me how to pause and think about my relationships and situations. She has given me the tools to analyze and respond to them in a healthy manner using practical and concrete tools.”

“After countless negative experiences before working with Cynthia, I can now see my life with JOY filled experiences and deeper, more meaningful relationships with those I love.”

“I am so fortunate for taking this course. Cynthia provided me a very valuable lesson each week that stretched me to grow and shift into a more conscious person. Each week I had an “A-Ha” moment.

“My choice is happiness and have plenty of tools to make it happen. Thank you Cynthia for walking the walk and talking the talk”

Begin with your Personal Strategy Session

Click the button above to schedule your Personal Strategy Session and learn more about the 7-Step Happiness by Choice Mentorship 

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