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Emotional Wellness With Cynthia Gossman

Emotionally Resilient | Mentally Strong | Spiritually Sound 

Navigate Your Destiny- 6-month program. 

• Online EQ-i2.0 assessment
• Generated report
• Personal analysis
• Training on all 15 competencies 
• Action plan 
• EI Personal Development Plan
10 Modules (see below)
First three months include 12 weekly sessions training on personal transformation, approximately 90 minutes each.
Second three months include 6 bi-weekly sessions for accountability strategies, approximately 90 minutes each.
10 modules 
Module 1: Incorporate Mindfulness and Awareness techniques to be fully open in transformation and personal growth
Module 2: Study and Integrate Forgiveness and Reconciliation of Grief techniques and expression of feelings to clear
                        away unresolved issues that are blocking your growth
Module 3: Study the PAP model, Taming the EGO, Restoring JOY – Learn Patience, Acceptance, Perspective as well as
                        identifying EGO states and apply techniques to unplug from games people play.
Module 4: Incorporate EQ-i2.0 Emotional Intelligence self-assessment instrument and building blocks to greater
                        mental health
Module 5: Brain Sweep - Retrain the brain with neuro-science techniques and defrag your brain and sweep away
                        unhealthy patterns and cycles.
Module 6: Identify current habits and expand comfort zones, find your zone of power with higher self
Module 7: Establish a Healthy Lifestyle using the GREN model
Module 8: Create Your Beautiful Life using VOG model (values, objectives, goals) and construct an effective vision
Module 9: Develop Action Plan using Six Vitalities of Life Model and Emotional Intelligence Personal Development
Module 10: Accountability Sessions on progress of goals and action plan
Earn CEU’s and receive a formal certificate of completion.


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