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As a JOY RESTORATION COACH (Specializing in Grief Relief, Anger Management and Reduction, and Forgiveness) Cynthia uses both her personal experience as a young widow and her professional expertise to help clients experience a change in perspective so that they may move successfully from pangs and darkness of bereavement to a lighter heart that finds peace by integrating life, loss and love. As The EMOTION STRATEGIST (Specializing in Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience Building) Cynthia provides training in leadership enrichment and development within the workplace including proven techniques and practical skills to individuals, leaders and communities. She offers alternative methods against learned behaviors and perspective to her clients to help them make positive changes and restore joy. I CAN HELP YOU ~ • ELIMINATE TOXIC THOUGHTS. • REDUCE STRESS. • COMPLETE YOUR MOURNING AND REFRESH YOUR OUTLOOK. • LEARN EXERCISES THAT CAN QUICKLY HELP YOU FEEL BETTER. • RESTORE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. • EXPAND COMFORT ZONES. • FIND AND FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE. • GAIN YOUR LIFE BACK, WHILE NOT GIVING UP PRECIOUS MEMORIES.