A Happy You is A Happy Life

The importance of empathy

How stress affects your brain

5 Steps to Happiness

You Are Unstoppable

I wanted to share this with you because the speeches in it got me thinking for the better. It was exactly what I was needing. This goes so much deeper than equestrianism. Even if you're not into horses, just listen.. & Yes, I made this video, but I do not own the clips or audio.

Posted by Kaitlyn Brooke on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Very Happy Brain

Live Interview

IQ vs. EQ with Daniel Goleman

The Happy Secret to Better Work

New Business and Growth in Hampton Roads

This Mix ‘n’ Mingle was spectacular.  Business development is stronger than ever in Hampton Roads.  In addition to my growth in business with adding Emotion Strategies training for professionals and corporate, I have joined forces with Maggie Lowery, co-creator of C & M Workshops and Retreats offering abundance and JOY to women.  We had a great group of professionals, too.

Here are some great announcements heard at this event. . . Early Jackson of New Direction Coaching Associates announced the 2014 publishing of his upcoming book, The Modern Day Princess.  Lisa Smith of Marketing, Mindset and Manifesting announced the debut of the book The Unsinkable Soul in which she is one of 20+ contributing writers sharing their stories of overcoming obstacles and high resilience in personal and business development.  Meg Henderson Wade, author of Confessions of a Southern Baby-Boomer; How I Survived Crack Cocaine Addiction, the Mafia & Other Totally True Tales. Bob Wager and Jo White owners of Bob’s Jobs Handyman Service shared their tremendous growth as well as a testimony for the services of Lisa Smith and her business coaching.  Among some of the other guests there was Brad Furman, w/Atlantic Bay Mortgage, Laurel Brooks, Owner/EFT Soul Path, Randy Thornton, Owner/Poco Productions, Cindy Huffman, Owner/Strategic Writing Solutions, Dainan Gibson w/Cox Media, Deana McClung w/World Financial Group, Stephanie Dudley w/Personal Touch Services, Ivory Morgan-Burton, Owner/Storybook Events, Sandra Purvis, Owner/Conquering Quickbooks, Paul Cappello, Owner/Cappello Business Advisory Services, and many more.

I thank all of you for attending.  You all are so talented and provide great business.  I wish you all much abundance and prosperity for 2014.  I look forward to seeing you around Hampton Roads.

Love and JOY,

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