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May 1,2019 -     Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

If there are things that makes your blood boil and your patience is running thin or certain pet peeves piss you off and stress you out, then this course is for you.  All of that stress, drama, and toxic emotions are wreaking havoc to your mental health, physical health and emotional/spiritual well-being. Six Modules (TOOLS) offering alternative methods and proven techniques to eliminate toxicity, get rid of unhealthy patterns and feel in control. It’s time for a Happier, Healthier, More Successful YOU. Bridge the Gap between Heart and Head. Eliminate toxicity, heal and restore joy.  Reap the full benefits of emotional wellness and balance transformation. 6 week course study Module 1 - 5 Ways to Better Understanding Your Emotions - Learn how to identify what you are feeling, cope better and manage knee-jerk reactions. Module 2 - Hula Hoop Class: Setting Healthy Boundaries, Not Walls - Learn how to protect your inner spirit from toxicity and games people play. Module 3 - Empathy Training - Speak from the Heart; Feel from the Brain - Bridge the gap between the brain and heart Module 4 - The Art of Mindfulness – Balancing Act for Living a Life of JOY - Learn how to obtain balance of your emotions by using the art of mindfulness. Module 5 - Happy Class – Joy Restoration - Learn 10 basic skills to unveil your inner happiness and restore your joy Module 6 - Communicating with EQ – What’s EQ Got That IQ Doesn’t - Learn the benefits of emotional intelligence for work-family-life balance  


Emotional Wellness & Balance Center

Virginia Beach, VA 23453


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