We are creatures of habit and if we are not in a state of awareness and consciously choose our habits on purpose, habits will choose themselves, settle in and take root. Take our frenemy STRESS – stress is great at inviting unhealthy habits into our lives, especially when we aren’t looking! Then, in no time at all, those unfriendly, unruly and toxic habits become so well ingrained in our brain, move right in taking over our bodies, mind, and soul, leaving us FEELING like shit.

Challenge yourself to make the shift. Flip the Script.

Break, release, disengage, get rid of a bad, unhealthy, toxic habit by choosing a healthier habit to replace it with. We all know how our brains work, we don’t want to feel deprived, so we it’s best to replace, exchange, redirect. It’s similar to teaching a toddler from playing with something that they shouldn't be playing with. You don’t just take it away and say, “No, no, honey you can’t play with the remote”. Because, what does the child then do? Cries with rebellion and protests.  That’s the natural reaction to the action of taking it away (depriving) So, to avoid this ‘reaction’ it is beneficial to GIVE the child something in exchange for the remote; make an exchange to something shinier, more colorful, more fun. Our adult brains work the same way.   

Begin a new daily ritual with something small and build from there. 

Mindset affirmation: Replace “I have to” with “I get to”

Here are three great examples:

  1. Replacing electronics before bed with a good read; research shows our brains benefit from unplugging from phones, iPads, computers, and TVs 30 minutes before we turn down for our nightly slumber. We can debrief from the days events and we sleep better:

Instead of: “I have to read instead of watching my favorite show”

Try Thinking: “I can DVR my show and watch it later. I get to read this fascinating book”

  1. Replace jumping out of bed and beginning your day rushed with taking 5 minutes to purposefully stretch your body with some deep cleansing breaths. You’ll start the day off with more flexibility and less pangs in your feet, knees and hips, etc.

Instead of: “I have to do these dumb stretches and I don’t have time for this”

Try Thinking: “I get to do these new strengthening movements that are really helping my back”

  1. Replace listening to so much news on the radio, TV, mobile devices, gym, waiting rooms, with music. We may not even realize just how much news can bombard and threaten our self-esteem, confidence and optimism.

Instead of: “I have to listen to the news or I’ll miss something”

Try Thinking: “I get to listen to music and pump my mind, body and soul with harmony and I can catch the news at 6 or 11”

Every day we are shaken and rattled and thrown off kilter by the stressors of life. Take time to make time to rewire your brain for the better. You benefit by establishing and implementing healthy daily rituals. You are taking an active role in your life and quality of living. You are becoming more emotionally resilient, mentally strong and spiritually sound.

There are so many additional shifts we can make a part of our daily living that will enhance our balance, wellness and happiness. What will you choose to shift today? I’d love to hear from you with what ideas and small shifts in your habits that are working for you. Please feel free to share in the comments.

Love and Joy,