Creative Journaling

One huge benefit of journaling is that you are getting emotions and thoughts out of your heart and head and onto paper which prevents clutter and toxicity growing inside.  WOlateaug2010journaling-2W!

There is something magical (I’m sure there is science and research to support the magic) but for now I am going to call it magical… when you write or draw your thoughts and feelings onto paper.  The picture or map you create is a different way to journal.  Instead of writing sentences in a linear fashion, try mixing it up a bit.  Use drawings and colored pencils or crayons. The purpose of journaling can be different for everyone.  Some are setting goals or dreams while others are tracking their habits, daily routines and choices.  Some are emotionally trying to process a traumatic event or circumstance and getting along with a loved one.  Some are simply frustrated and working on obtaining clarity.

Purpose of Journaling

  • Venting or Dumping emotions, hurts and frustrations
  • Logging or Tracking food choices, spending habits, business activities
  • Self Exploration and Shifting from positive to negative and becoming more aware of what really is important
  • Celebrating the blessings and being grateful of what life offers
  • Creating goals and dreams and what inspires and motivates.

Creative Journaling can begin with:

  • Create a Journal jar with various themes.  Pick one each day and journal about that subject.
  • Include photos in your journaling
  • Use lyrics to songs
  • Use bullet points instead of sentences
  • Journal using a ‘tree’ technique
  • Journal your dreams and include pictures
  • Journal defining moments
  • Journal your daily or weekly schedule or progress
  • Use quotes or poems
  • Write from the viewpoint of another – What would _____ say to me?
  • Write a letter to a loved one whom you miss

Here’s to Creative Journaling. I wish you all much peace and love in your hearts and sunshine and happiness in your souls. #ahappyyouahappylife

Love and JOY,