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EQ 4 Success Executive Luncheon


No doubt you're familiar with the concept of IQ, that's your intelligence quotient. Your IQ score tells us, relatively speaking, how bright you are, how smart you are and you that you know facts and figures and things like that.

Well in the past number of years there's been quite a bit of attention given rightly so to EQ and that's your emotional quotient or more commonly we say your emotional intelligence.

There are some people that are really bright in the academic sense that can have a real low EQ. And then there are some that may not have all of the IQ power but they have a very high EQ. Your level of EQ certainly impacts how you manage relationships. We want to get that EQ as high as we possibly can because ultimately the way that you manage your relationships and your own emotional comportment will go a long way in terms of determining how strong of a relationship style you're going to have.

Are you intelligent ...Emotionally?

EQ Skills matter. Thousands of studies have shown that executives with stronger EQ skills are more successful.


Are you consistently in the TOP 10% of your Performance?
Do you stay cool under pressure?
Do you read others well?
Do you get along and work well with teams?
Do you lead, inspire, influence others?
Do you meet your deadlines?
Do you set intentions, goals, ambitions?
How do you stay motivated, optimistic, resilient?

Join this 90-minute executive luncheon and learn:

  1. How to discover your own level of EQ
  2. What to start practicing that increases your level of EQ
  3. What to STOP doing that decreases your level of EQ.
This Executive Luncheon is designed for the upper level executive and professional.
  • For the professionals who knows success starts with RELATIONSHIPS and wants to gain skills in strengthening them.
  • For the professionals who are serious about staying on the cutting edge.
  • For those who are consistently working on growth and gains.
  • For those who are ready for the greatness they were designed to be.
October 9, 11:30a - 1p, The Butcher's Son, Hilltop, Virginia Beach.
Limited Seating. Encore Presentations on the 2nd Wednesday of November, and December.
Reservations Required (includes food/beverage)
$45 includes training and lunch

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