Happiness Fuels Performance

Emotional Wellness With Cynthia Gossman

Emotionally Resilient | Mentally Strong | Spiritually Sound 

Be a STAAR Performer
Lunch & Learn

Learn how to UPLevel 
to STAAR Performer

What motivates You?
What derails You?

Learn the science of emotional intelligence

Who? Students and Professionals who are seeking better self leadership. 
What? Lunch & learn - learn fundamentals on leading with emotional intelligence and Start Taking An Active Role (STAAR)
Why? To improve personal and professional development.
When? 2nd Tuesday monthly 11:30a - 1p
Where? Ynot Italian, Greenbrier

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ReCHARGE Your Happiness
Lunch & Learn



Happy is an INSIDE job

Learn the science of happiness

Join the movement.

Who? Group of people (just like you) who meet for lunch. Open to all.
What? Lunch & learn - learn tidbits and take home nuggets of how to cultivate and sustain happiness and joyful living.
Why? To get a dose of happiness and 'DO lunch' differently.
When?  3rd Thursday monthly 11:30a - 1p
Where? Ynot Italian, Greenbrier

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