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How to Create a Powerful Vision & Intention Board Workshop
Open Seats 10
6:00 pm
-8:30 pm

How to Create a Powerful Vision & Intention Board Workshop

Oct 29,2018 - Time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Vision boards are visual representations of your goals and desires. They can be made a number of different ways, but their main purpose is to assist you in seeing, and thus feeling, how you want to feel when your goals are achieved. Emotional Wellness & Balance Center has been offering vision board workshops for nearly five years in the Hampton Roads area. Join today and learn the SECRET to manifesting the lifestyle and future you desire. Create the life you want, the POWER is in YOU. Are you dreaming BIG enough?   Do you want to ... Put your kids through college? Buy your dream home? Purchase that new car and finally get rid of the clunker? Home school your children? Plan that perfect wedding? Take care of your parents? Go back to school? Take that beautiful deserving vacation? What are YOUR Dreams, Ambitions, Goals, Purpose? What will it feel like when you accomplish that goal, meet that deadline, soar through the setback? If you are happy to begin with and can imagine the dream, you can fuel your performance and success in reaching those goals as well as living a life positively joyfully. This hands on workshop breaks the barriers to your imagination and enhances your drive, strive and thrive in life.  We will explore where to start and how to create a vision board that will motivate you as well as keep you on track to reaching your goals.  Pictures will become symbols of your success, rewards, and opportunities for you life. All materials are included (large foam board, a multitude of magazines to clip pictures, phrases, and words from, scissors, and glue) You may bring some of your own pictures. Workshop includes:
  • Powerful inspiraton in the six key areas of life
  • Motivational testimonies that vision boards really do work
  • Vital do's and don'ts in creating a powerful vision board
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