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Whose Pain is Worse – Using Empathy to Heal

Refrain from comparing grief stories – it doesn’t really matter Comparing is a sure fire way to destroy relationships and increase unecessary anxiety, guilt, and anger.  You are unique and so is your journey.  No two people feel and process hurt, pain and the multitude of emotions from grief the same way.  Why compare? Using … Read more

Use Emotional Intelligence to Cope in Difficult Times

Downsizing can be difficult – Are your managers prepared with effective coping skills? Has your company or a company you work for experienced downsizing? Possibly the contract or grant wasn’t renewed and that led to budget and program cuts. The uncertainty can present anxiety and create a strained culture of the organization. The ways that … Read more

Daily Rituals Build Mental Strength and Emotional Resiliency

We are creatures of habit and if we are not in a state of awareness and consciously choose our habits on purpose, habits will choose themselves, settle in and take root. Take our frenemy STRESS – stress is great at inviting unhealthy habits into our lives, especially when we aren’t looking! Then, in no time … Read more

Vulnerability – Living Brave

Brené Brown May 4 at 11:03am · “I’ve realized that one of the most unkind things I can do to somebody is to put them on a pedestal because very soon, inevitably, they’re going to do something that’s going to knock them off it, and then I’m going to have a lot of trouble with … Read more

12 Tips on Helping a Friend in Mourning

Having a high level of emotional intelligence is more valuable than being the smartest in the class when is comes to comforting others who are hurting.  Feel from the heart rather than think from the brain. Listening is more important than talking in efforts of simply filling the awkward space of silence. Here is a … Read more

18 Things NOT To Say To Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

It is very important to both the griever and the friends to read this article. When someone is hurting, most of us only want to comfort them. However, in our efforts of doing so, quite the opposite can happen.  Be aware of traditional cliches and the possibility of offending your family or friend.  Read on … Read more

Please Be Patient With Me and Stay My Friend

What I cannot do while I grieve…   I cannot ‘get over it’ or ‘buck up’ – I know it may be very uncomfortable for you to see me this way.  I am grieving and mourning and my emotions are all over the place.  My loss is all I see right now with no peripheral … Read more

15 Ways to Find Healing in Suffering

15 Ways to Find Healing in Suffering – Embrace, Engage, and Connect To heal healthily and most effectively one must allow the emotions and thoughts to be felt and expressed while your head and heart have become temporarily disconnected.  Losing someone very close and dear to you is going to hurt.  There is no way … Read more

Grief Has No Gender

Men and women grieve differently, not because of gender, but because of the masculine/feminine parts of the brain and societal conditioning/stigmas. In all actuality, EVERYONE grieves differently. One’s grief is as unique as the relationship with the loved one. The masculine part of the brain tends to process grief with action, doing, fixing, like going … Read more

5 Simple Choices Happy People Live by JOYfully!

Five Simple Choices Happy People Live by JOYfully! 1)      Lighten Up – Carrying burdens such as guilt, judgement, anger, grief, resentment, jealously and more are all so heavy to your mind, body and soul.  Lighten Up by letting go of that unnecessary weight.  Free yourself of the responsibility and give up the ownership of what … Read more

12 Ways The "Law Of Attraction" Can Improve Your Life

I’ve been using the law of attraction with my Create Your Beautiful Life Vision Board Workshops for years. Many celebrities and athletes as well as successful business leaders believe in this exercise of visualization and the principles behind the ‘law of attraction’. How you FEEL is WHAT you are going to ATTRACT. Our emotional wealth … Read more

4 Lessons – Book Review of. . . Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Why IQ isn’t everything and the role EQ plays in doing and being well in life. Lesson One: The Ventilation Fallacy Lesson Two: Don’t Ruminate When You Are Sad, Distract Yourself Instead Lesson Three: The Artful Critique Lesson Four: Emotional Contagion For more information on emotional intelligence and to schedule your complimentary strategy session contact … Read more

10 Ways to Overcome Setbacks, Hurts and Losses, Building Resilience

Often times when we experienced a series of setbacks, hurts, and losses it’s extremely  hard to be thankful.  Taking the focus OFF the pain, anger, and toxic thoughts and shifting it to gratitude, happiness, and joy. BEING THANKFUL …  Here are a few tips to help you make the shift: Keep a JOY LOG – … Read more

Creative Journaling

One huge benefit of journaling is that you are getting emotions and thoughts out of your heart and head and onto paper which prevents clutter and toxicity growing inside.  WOW! There is something magical (I’m sure there is science and research to support the magic) but for now I am going to call it magical… … Read more

Amygdala Hijack vs. Grief Burst

CGCC Emotional Wellness and Balance Center You and I have five realms of health: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Social.  When your emotional realm is hijacked the other four realms are affected, compromised, and even shut down depending on our existing supply of coping skills, belief systems and how we were taught to react. So … Read more

5 Metastasizing Emotional Cancers

I have had the privilege of sharing pertinent information on emotional wellness and balance for nearly 20 years.  One of my absolute favorite teachings comes from Stephen Covey.  He is highly recognized for his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Do you know about the 8th Habit?  More specifically the 5 Metastasizing Emotional Cancers … Read more

Onions, Emotions and WHY WE CRY

Crying is an effective way to help get rid of STRESS! EMO tears have different hormones, chemicals, and toxins than BASIL or REFLEX tears. Crying is a good form of communication! Promote great social signals and induce connection, compassion, and empathy. Crying benefits you and your emotional wellness and balance. Don’t hold it in, let … Read more

Opportunity, Being Sexy, and Living Life

Opportunity looks a lot like work. Being Sexy – Being Really Smart, Thoughtful, Generous! Living Life – build your own thing, build a life don’t live one.  

Has The Emotional Garbage in Your Life Hardened You?

Has the emotional garbage in your life hardened you? Are you aware? ‘Soft skills’ is not a representation of begin soft.  ‘Soft skills’ is a term often associated with a person’s “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, interpersonal skills, managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships … Read more

18 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Are you emotionally intelligent? Here’s how to know for sure. 1People with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70 percent of the time. This anomaly threw a massive wrench into the broadly-held assumption that IQ was the sole source of success. 2Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as being the critical … Read more

How to Deal With Changing Seasons and Seasons of Change

Happy March! I remember when I was a little girl living in New England and while learning about the seasons (we had four separate unique seasons at that time) being taught that March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” because the weather in the beginning of March could be very … Read more

Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance

I found this article fascinating.  Check it out. ” . . .We’ve recently compiled two years of new research that, we suspect, will elicit the same kind of reaction. People will first exclaim, “No way,” then quickly add, “But of course.” We found that of all the elements affecting bottom-line performance, the importance of the … Read more

Cultivate Success, Balance and Happiness

90 days to a healthier more joyful you. Join forces with like women in cultivating success, balance and happiness and drop the drama! Open Enrollment Through 2/8 Evening Mastermind Begins 2/18 Click here for full details and registration information Day Mastermind Begins 2/19 Click Here for full details and registration information Special Pricing for previous … Read more

What does EQ have to do with managing change?

What does EQ have to do with managing change? Everything! If you can create awareness of the way you respond to life events, such as change, and manage your response to the event you’re well on your way to effectively managing change. You’ve heard the saying, ‘It’s not what happens that matters but how you … Read more

A Happy You, A Happy Life – August Issue

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Look For The Pony

There were two little boys quite opposite of each other.  One day both of the boys were given a circumstance of life and the people observed. (story improvised from original version) The first little boy stood skeptically in the doorway of the room full of toys not sure if he should enter. But with a … Read more

A Happy You, A Happy Life July issue

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A Happy You – A Happy Life Newsletter June

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h2Ohhhhhhh 5 Ways to De-Stress

H2Ohhhhhhhhh by Abigail Cuffey and Judy Kirkwood, reprinted from LHJ, August 2008 Drink it, soak in it, listen to its music… water can soothe in all its forms.  Ah, water … sometimes just the thought f it can sweep us along in a current of happy memories, leaving stress on a distant shore.  But that … Read more


I recently had a divine pleasure of attending a women’s wellness retreat sponsored by Still Hope Foundation and Ardx in Norfolk, VA at the Old Dominion University Campus and our keynote luncheon speaker was Dr. Robin Smith.  As a mentor in teaching other women myself, Dr. Robin’s speech was not only humbling but it touched … Read more

How to Manage Your Anger

Anger is a natural human emotion, but when it’s your default reaction it becomes a problem—for you and those around you. Learn how to turn inward, connect with your true self, and dissipate this unhealthy state of mind. At some point, however, many angry people realize they have to change their tactics. They begin to … Read more

Emotional Intelligence: The Social Skills You Weren't Taught in School

I love sharing articles about emotional intelligence.  This one was written by Eric Ravenscraft and posted on lifehacker. You’re taught about history, science, and math when you’re growing up. Most of us, however, aren’t taught how to identify or deal with our own emotions, or the emotions of others. These skills can be valuable, but … Read more

A Happy You-A Happy Life Newsletter February

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Coach's Time For Reflection

I was recently contacted by a professor at Regent University, who is in the final Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) course in the Leadership Coaching track, this question: “When and how does the Coach “sharpen the saw?” We counsel our clients to reflect on where they’ve been and where they want to go, but how … Read more

Tips to Taking Care of Yourself Through the Holidays

Tips to taking care of your SELF – mindfulness and awareness – choices that can make a big difference to have a much more enjoyable season. 1.  Clean closets – Yes! Organize those towels, blankets, shoes, seasonal items, games, toys, etc. Give things you don’t need to charity. Less clutter and more organization will free … Read more

Steps to a Better Social Life

Special for eDiets by Hara Estroff Marano Perhaps the single greatest source of mental energy is positive interaction with others. Even if you were the class nerd in high school, it’s never too late to achieve social success. You can develop social confidence by following a few simple steps. Schedule Your Social Life To hone … Read more

A Happy You A Happy Life December Newsletter

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How to Avoid Holiday Meltdowns

This article really speaks to my heart.  Too many of us get all stressed out this time of year and often lose sight of the true meaning of the season. By: Kathryn Drury Wagner This season, avoid the usual meltdowns and instead forge meaningful connections. Kelly Vickers had his hands full helping one Albuquerque family … Read more

22 Things Happy People Do Differently

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama There are two types of people in the world: those who choose to be happy, and those who choose to be unhappy. Contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn’t come from fame, fortune, other people, or material possessions. Rather, it comes … Read more

How Emotionally Intelligence People Handle Toxic People

  “Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. Either way, they create unnecessary complexity, strife, and worst of all stress.”  By Dr. Travis Bradberry Read more . . .

A Happy You is A Happy Life – November Newsletter

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A Happy You A Happy Life – October Newsletter

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EQi Lunch & Learn

5 Composites to EQi ·       Self Perception ·       Self Expression ·       Interpersonal Relations ·       Decision Making ·       Stress Management Emotional Intelligence vs. Intelligence Quotient Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a way to measure how a person recognizes emotions in himself or herself and others, and manages these emotional states to work better as a group or … Read more

Breakfast with Bacon

Recently I had the honor and privilege to be a guest on the radio show Breakfast with Bacon, hosted by Dr. Christine Bacon.  What a wonderful experience.  I highly recommend for all of you to tune into her weekly show on Fridays at 11am on WKQA radio AM1110. http://www.wkqaradio.com/ Christine and I chatted about JOY … Read more

Five Simple Choices A Happy Person Makes to Live JOYfully!

1)    Lighten Up – Carrying burdens such as guilt, judgement, anger, grief, resentment, jealously and more are all so heavy to your mind, body and soul.  Lighten Up by letting go of that unnecessary weight.  Free yourself of the responsibility and give up the ownership of what you cannot control.  2)  Get a Grip – Hold … Read more

25 Qualities Of The Leader In A Happy, Profitable Workplace

We are all leaders in our workplaces and wherever we are in our world. We DO make a difference if we choose to lead from where we are. We are stepping into a new age of leadership. The age of living the SPIRIT of leadership, where we are facilitators not dictators. What do I mean … Read more

Introduction to 7-Step Happiness by Choice©

Happiness starts from within. But HOW do you find that happiness that has been buried so deep into your soul and covered up by layers of hurt, pain, betrayal, anger, bitterness, resentment, discouragement, and grief? Look at it this way…. Those layers of yucky feeling didn’t appear all at once or overnight.  Those layers have … Read more

Workplace Anger is COSTLY to the employee, the company, and coworkers

 According to the Anger Management Training Institute, “Studies show that up to 42% of employee time is spent engaging in or trying to resolve conflict. This results in wasted employee time, mistakes, stress, lower morale, hampered performance, and reduced profits and or service.” CG Coaching & Consulting offers training to professionals and corporations utilizing the … Read more

Goal Setting Vision Board Workshop a Success!

What a spectacular vision board workshop yesterday at Simply Fresh Cafe and Market (thank you Linda Wilson for your impeccable hospitality). We had 11 people who shared their dreams, visions, aspirations, fears, inspiration and camaraderie. Thank you to all who came out on a cold, wet day. Thank you to Nelson Cage for being our … Read more

Interview on Hampton Roads Business Live

We Were Given Emotions to Live Life, Not Destroy It. Cynthia Gossman – Life After Loss

New Business and Growth in Hampton Roads

This Mix ‘n’ Mingle was spectacular.  Business development is stronger than ever in Hampton Roads.  In addition to my growth in business with adding Emotion Strategies training for professionals and corporate, I have joined forces with Maggie Lowery, co-creator of C & M Workshops and Retreats offering abundance and JOY to women.  We had a … Read more

$75 Billion Lost in US Due to Grief

The Wall Street Journal reported that the US lost $75 billion due to grief in the workplace as a result of accidents, loss of productivity, and absenteeism.  There are over 50 million people grieving at any given time. “The cost of suffering from grief is staggering: Joy, health, vitality, relationships, creativity, productivity, clarity and prosperity … Read more

Mix n Mingle – Celebrate New Business and Growth in Hampton Roads

If you have new business…. business growth… special announcements… please inbox me. I’d like to spotlight YOU and YOUR business at this event. You all are invited. The more the merrier, bring a friend. Come celebrate with Cynthia and learn more about what she is offering to the community and the workplace. Thursday, December 5th, … Read more

Welcome to My Website

As a JOY RESTORATION COACH (Specializing in Grief Relief, Anger Management and Reduction, and Forgiveness) Cynthia uses both her personal experience as a young widow and her professional expertise to help clients experience a change in perspective so that they may move successfully from pangs and darkness of bereavement to a lighter heart that finds … Read more

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