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You Are Unstoppable

I wanted to share this with you because the speeches in it got me thinking for the better. It was exactly what I was needing. This goes so much deeper than equestrianism. Even if you're not into horses, just listen.. & Yes, I made this video, but I do not own the clips or audio.

Posted by Kaitlyn Brooke on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Very Happy Brain

Live Interview

IQ vs. EQ with Daniel Goleman

The Happy Secret to Better Work

Recap Goal Setting Vision Board 12-10-13

Vision Board Attendees’ Comments:

The first time I took your vision board class I had trouble figuring out what to place on the board because I really wanted it to be specific and clear vision/goal. I had like 7 things on it. I knew I wanted to get my husband retired but at the same time we need money and enough to do that. So, in your class I realized I need more than my schedule I needed a map. Your class set that intention in me and I went home and did just that. So that month I worked on that… Setting the map to reach my goal and I incorporated action behind it. Also when I went home I took my half empty vision board and told my husband and son about it and I placed it in front of the TV. Why? Because that’s the downfall of most going home and relaxing….so, at first it drove my husband nuts. I just kept telling him if I was going to get him retired it would be faster if he helped. Within a week he was on board; working across our kitchen table.

Before the next vision board class we had already achieved a first level/goal to get there. Vision board number two I knew its important to get my team there. Your class is fun and I know what it did for me it could do for them. I was able to achieve getting 2 out of 10 people to come. I was also able to be very specific in that second class on have a clearer vision on what to put on my new board…I set goals in specific areas in my life, work and health. I even put the way I wanted to touch others.

As for what happened in December 2013 our achievements as a team didn’t just double but almost tripled. Why? Because now they are strategically setting a goal and realizing that goal isn’t going to achieve itself. They set their boards at their desk. I will always be a part of your vision board class. Could I do it myself yes, but it’s not the same. It’s like somehow being held accountable. It’s also exciting because I can say when I come next month that I/we hit a new goal towards our bigger goal. I love what you do Cynthia.    A big fan, R. Spires

I LOVED the vision board class, I have eager to make one for the past couple years. I always go buy everything, but have never gotten around to making one. I have been adding to my board since the class, and it’s really helping me to focus on my goals for the next 6 months. I have it where I can see it as I fall asleep & when I wake up! I feel so much less lost when it comes to all the big choices I have in front of me this upcoming year. I am more focused on starting my business in VA along with getting ready to try for a family. Positive thinking and using the vision board are a huge help, and has taken stress away from daily worries about my goals. Looking forward to the next class, I LOVED the group help and getting to know everyone. Worth every penny and more! A. Smith

Hi Cynthia I want to thank you again for the vision board workshop, being able to get the ideas out of my head and into a platform like this was an excellent idea. I did finish my board but the greater impact came when I shared it with my team and I showed them where they played a part on my board it inspired them to create there on boards which they’ve shared with me. Our specific goals for team growth and developing ourselves keep us on track; as a result we opened up a new office in Detroit Michigan last month right after the Christmas Holidays WOW! Can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. More to come. N. Cage

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