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I wanted to share this with you because the speeches in it got me thinking for the better. It was exactly what I was needing. This goes so much deeper than equestrianism. Even if you're not into horses, just listen.. & Yes, I made this video, but I do not own the clips or audio.

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Breakfast with Bacon

christine baconRecently I had the honor and privilege to be a guest on the radio show Breakfast with Bacon, hosted by Dr. Christine Bacon.  What a wonderful experience.  I highly recommend for all of you to tune into her weekly show on Fridays at 11am on WKQA radio AM1110. http://www.wkqaradio.com/

Christine and I chatted about JOY Restoration Coaching, Emotion Strategies, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence and how HAPPINESS is the precursor to success, NOT the other way around.  I had a great time with Christine and look forward to being on her show in the future.  Check her out, she is fabulous with so much to offer.

Dr. Christine Bacon tackles the most sensitive topics with humor and energy, while never minimizing their seriousness. Get your coffee, iced tea  latte or whatever and sit back and enjoy our conversation below.



Christine M. Bacon, Ph.D. brings over a decade of experience as a trainer and facilitator with the U.S. Navy’s Fleet and Family Support Center. She has delivered over 1,000 seminars to civilians, military personnel and families on topics such as healthy relationships, corporate leadership and respect in the workplace. Dr. Bacon has developed motivational programs for Catholic Charities, government entities and private-sector businesses. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication from Regent University and B.A. in Communication from Old Dominion University. She and her husband Dan reside in Virginia and enjoy time with their daughters and three perfect grandchildren.

Communication expert Dr. Christine Bacon, owner and president of CMB Communication, Inc., is an author, speaker, trainer and the radio talk show host of Breakfast with Bacon: The Relationship Doctor. Whether on the platform, in a book or riding the airwaves, Dr. Bacon’s expertise is in teaching others the skills necessary to navigate all relationships—desired and difficult. Whether it be with a colleague, boss, spouse or the grocery store cashier, Dr. Bacon teaches how relationships, connectivity and trust are crucial in all aspects of life and business and does so directly, yet humorously by speaking the truth in love.  You can learn more about and contact Dr. Bacon through her website at www.CMBCommunication.com and you can also listen live to her radio show at 11:00AM EST on www.wyrmradio.com by clicking on the ‘Listen Live Now’ link.

The Still Hope Foundation Christine M. Bacon is on the Board of Directors and was the Chairperson of the 2011 Celebrity Gala and Golf Classic Weekend (and will be the chairperson of the 2012 gala weekend as well).

25 Qualities Of The Leader In A Happy, Profitable Workplace

We are all leaders in our workplaces and wherever we are in our world. We DO make a Leadershipdifference if we choose to lead from where we are.

We are stepping into a new age of leadership. The age of living the SPIRIT of leadership, where we are facilitators not dictators. What do I mean by spirit? Spirit is vitality, aliveness and a deep feeling of shared values and mission. We must consciously lead if we are to have happy and profitable workplaces.

What does the leader of the future look like? He/she:

1.  Believes in herself
2.  Has a passion for his work and workers
3.  Is a coach
4.  Is a mentor
5.  Is a learner
6.  Is a teacher
7.  Listens deeply and beyond the words
8.  Uses her talents in her work and brings out the talents of her workers
9.  Inspires
10.  Motivates
11.  Sets and holds appropriate standards
12.  Lives to his values
13.  Is a follower as well as a leader
14.  Creates a safe environment of trust, humor and creativity
15.  Is credible
16.  Is resilient
17.  Takes care (renewal) of herself and her workers
18.  Tells the truth
19.  Is aware of the consequences of his/her actions inside and outside the organization
20.  Uses compassion and empathy
21.  Is respectful of the pain that change can bring forward
22.  Generates and takes heat
23.  Lives in balance
24.  Gives back to the community
25.  Creates an environment where all in the organization can lead

Teamwork, trust and empowerment are all hallmarks of a leader. When you have healthy, successful workers you create a healthy, productive and profitable workplace.

Who are YOU as a Leader?

by Amy Frost on 7.16.12 – courtesy of http://deliveringhappinessatwork.com/25-qualities-of-the-leader-in-a-happy-profitable-workplace/ 

image courtesy of coachdawnwrites.com


Workplace Anger is COSTLY to the employee, the company, and coworkers

 According to the Anger Management Training Institute,

“Studies show that up to 42% of employee time is spent engaging in or trying to resolve conflict. This results in wasted employee time, mistakes, stress, lower morale, hampered performance, and reduced profits and or service.”

CG Coaching & Consulting offers training to professionals and corporations utilizing the PAP© method in three main areas: conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and resilience building.

Here is a list of the benefits participants receive from CG Coaching & Consulting:


·         More People Engaged & Inspired At Work                                   

·         Improved Employee Morale                                                                            

·         Increased Harmony and Synergy                                                   

·         Increased Consciousness                                                                  

·         Increased Profits                                                                                 


·         Reduced Absenteeism

·         Reduced Tardiness

·         Fewer Accidents

·         Fewer Quality Defects

·         Less Work Violence

How does CG Coaching & Consulting work?  By providing awareness and knowledge about these three main components along with teaching proven techniques, offering unique coping skills and providing alternative methods used to shift learned behaviors into positive and refreshing choices.

What is conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and resilience building?

Conflict Resolution

Involves building the skills needed to handle conflict in a respectful, positive way, providing an opportunity to strengthen the bond between two people. 

·         Manage stress quickly while remaining alert and calm

·         Control your emotions and behavior

·         Pay attention to feelings being expressed

·         Be aware of an respectful of differences

Emotional Intelligence

Involves developing the ability to understand, express and control our emotions; increasing positive communication and people skills.

·         Increase self awareness and learn ego states

·         Avoid emotional hijacking and remain calm

·         Use present language in the here and now

·         Recognizing the needs of others and increase listening techniques

Resilience Building

Involves acquiring healthy, coping skills in dealing with change or loss and other varying degrees of setbacks.

·         Take decisive actions in adverse situations

·         Avoid seeing crisis or stressful events as unbearable

·         Develop realistic goals and move toward them

·         Keep a long-term perspective and consider the situation in a broader context.


If what you just got done reading sounds intriguing to you and you are interested in looking into the benefits CG Coaching & Consulting can offer you, please contact me to set up your free consultation appointment.


Cynthia Gossman, 757-635-5379, cynthia@cynthiagossman.com

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